Referral reward program at Ultimate Image


Referral reward program is a chance for participants to be rewarded for their referrals. We will pay you $30 for each successful referral. This will be a cash payout through PayPal, you can spend or donate the money to a charity or forward it to your friend. 


The process is very easy, fast and automated. All you have to do is to enter your email address and you are registered in to the program, then by using your contact list from your email or Facebook, you can generate an automated massage to your friend and family. A unique code is generated to identify that it is your referral and when your friend purchase a discounted service from us you will be notify and in short time will receive $30. It is that simple! 


If only you have one successful referral, you have made $30 for few seconds of your time. Imagine if you get five positive response, you will make $150 in just few seconds.