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Vascular  Treatments


Ultimate Image MedSpa offers Vascular Treatments for spider vein and facial capillary removal.

We use the latest technology available with the GentleYAG Laser which helps remove unwanted body veins, facial capillaries and diffuse redness.


How does a Vascular Treatment Work?

The GentleYAG is designed to deliver single concentrated light beams which is attracted to and absorbed by the dilated vessels in the skin. Light is converted into thermal energy which stimulated collagen syntheses and causes the vessel wall to collapse. The vessel wall and it’s contents are reabsorbed by the body, and gradually fade away.


Is Vascular Treatment Painful?

Not all patients describe Vascular Treatment as painful. Most patients describe vascular treatments as mildly uncomfortable and feelings similar to a light flick of an elastic band. Since each person’s skin type, and strength of the laser can vary, treatments are easily customized towards each patient.


How many Vascular Treatments are required?

After Vascular Treatment at Ultimate Image MedSpa, you will notice an immediate difference in the number of visible veins. Every patient’s number of treatments will vary due to patient’s body factors like vessel depth, diameter and colors. The majority of people average 3-5 sessions of Vascular Treatment to permanently remove unwanted vessels.


*Offered in Plano and Dallas

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